Fiat stilo

Assumed it was a Fiat stilo cable and thought little more about until I asked my local fiat specialists to read airbag codes and found they couldnt either.

Fiat Stilo

When I started her up there was no power I left her a while started her again and she drove fine. Whilst trying to check the engine bay fuses I managed to remove the fuse without its legs.

Very occasionally seen them on eBay otherwise its a fiat only part. Thanks Hydie Hello Here are some codes for active diagnose on fiat stilo 1. And showed also P and P throttle faults. If what caused the error has been repaired the error will not re-appear. I have checked it via FES and it returns something like C03 front impact sensor fault intermediant or something like that.

The engines were the Family I GM engines 1. The Fiat Stilo, is a car with a wealth of personality, the Abarth being the most aggressive and the most sporty. Fiat stilo Caravans Loading your trailer or caravan is critical to safe driving check your towing weights and capacity for your vehicle.

You have posted in the stilo section of the forum. Leo the hubby has serviced the stilo including cleaning the front discs and fitting new pads.

2001-2007 Fiat Stilo Cabin Air Filter Check

His company was recognised as a car manufacturer, but mostly as an accessory manufacturer. Correct timing signals The two lines are placed on key positions and indicate the difference.

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The engines were the Family I GM engines 1. On the passenger seat thigh support does it have a tab with OCS on it If so check out getting one of these httpwww. But an airbag ECU from a crashed car is more than suspect and if the specialist isnt checking it out properly Yes The ABS light came on on Thursday telling us loose connection.

Motorsport[ edit ] A Group N version of the car was developed by Abarth to compete in the single make trophy called Trofeo Stilo Abarthheld in Italy from to Does anyone know whether these two ecus are interchangeable or is it only possibleadvisable to install a.

These are known to fail for a hobby. This version marks the confirmation that the new Bravo is coming, with the Stilo Attractive as the only version. While the three-door Stilo is starting to establish itself in South Africa, the Abarth 2. If the doors are not opened within 30 seconds of being unlocked by remote, they will lock again automatically.

This might be one of the reasons why it doesnt work.

For Fiat Stilo 2001-2007 Front Wheel Bearing Kit

We are still working to obtain content for your car, however the video above is believed to have similar characteristics as your car. My new mechanic initially said it was an ecu problem pedal.

As it was a CAT C write off and has to pass the test from VOSA will i need to change the whole dashboard and replace the airbags in order to pass If this is the case where could i find a fiat Manual on how to remove Originally Posted by darhan Hi Im thinking about repairing my fiat that i bought at an auction and would need some advice.Access your Fiat Stilo Owner's Manual Online Fiat Stilo Owners Manual.

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Pravý přední blatník Fiat Stilo () od r.v.

2009 Fiat Stilo

01/ - 03/, určeno pouze pro 5 dveřové verze, materiál ocel. The Fiat YouTube official channel: this is the space where you can see the official videos of Fiat, express your ideas and get information, ask questions and.

Find great deals on eBay for fiat stilo. Shop with confidence. The Fiat Stilo was introduced in as a replacement for the successful Bravo and Brava models and Fiat's entry into the popular 'Family Hatchback' class.

The Stilo was designed from the ground up, and was predicted to be the new volume seller which would carry Fiat into the 21st Century. The aka: Fiat Stilo Multiwagon.

2 x Powerflex PFF16-702 Front Wishbone Rear Bush for Fiat Bravo II Stilo Lancia Delta (No.2) Download
Fiat stilo
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