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The answer, as is also true in the case of Dick Nixon, is simple: As more sources in other languages become available historians may review their theories in light of the new sources.

Linking to a specific version of a page It is sometimes useful to link to a specific version of an article - this is called a " permanent link ".

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Export page, which is History revision to produce an XML file with the wikitext of the current and optionally all old versions of one or more specified pages, with date, time, user name, and edit summary.

Registered users can choose date format and time zone at Special: Cross-wiki language oldidlink to an old version of a page in Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikiversity, or History revision in any language Template: The "View history" tab is highlighted and "Revision history" is appended to the page name.

In the friction between the mainstream of accepted beliefs and the new perspectives of historical revisionism, received historical ideas are either changed, solidified, or clarified. Type a name and choose where to save it.

See also This page is referenced in the Wikipedia Glossary. The old title becomes a redirect and loses its edit history.

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The Department presented a new draft of the framework, informed by recommendations from public comment, for consideration by the Board at the Board meeting of May 22, If instead of a move, the entire content was cut and pasted into a new substitute article, the page history gets spread across two articles.

It displays RevisionDeleted edits. The current revision appears below the changes, so you can see how the page is now rendered. Histlegend which can be edited by administrators.

Revisionist history is often practiced by those who are in the minority, such as feminist historians, ethnic minority historians, those working outside of mainstream academia in smaller and less known universities, or the youngest scholars, essentially historians who have the most to gain and the least to lose in challenging the status quo.

The arrow links to that section of the current version of the page, and not the version where the arrow was clicked. How the XML file is displayed depends on the browser it can also be saved locally for later searching and analysis.

As perceptions of nationalism change so do those areas of history that are driven by such ideas. The first illustration [the absence from U. See more at Wikipedia: The line is made by MediaWiki: Administrators can also remove selected revisions from a page history, for example if they contain defamatory text.

After all, we study history because we are interested in it, and perhaps because we wish to learn something about our [contemporary] problems. Undo for more information. After entering a tag name, click the "Go" button to the right.

To make a permalink for use within the English Wikipedia, use Template: Oldid2link to an old version of a page Template: Not shown in this example: Even archives have to make decisions based on space and interest on what original material to obtain or keep.

Apocalypse Now - what problems did the US face in Vietnam? This links to Wikiblamea tool for searching the entire history of a given page.

Linking to a specific version of a page It is sometimes useful to link to a specific version of an article - this is called a " permanent link ".

Historical revisionism

In other cases, the version may be kept to allow proper tracking of authors and demonstrate compliance with all legal requirements. This gives the diffs of the last 10 edits, each with a link to the ordinary, full diff page.

The " Tag filter" restricts the display to show only those edits that have been tagged by an edit filter. History revision that you can't make wikilinks to this extended page name — to make a link to the history page, copy the URL from the browser address bar when viewing the history page, and paste it between single square brackets external link format to make the link.

As perceptions of nationalism change so do those areas of history that are driven by such ideas.At the top, click File Version history See version history. In the right panel, click a timestamp to see an earlier version of a file.

You can see the people who edited the file, and the changes they made in the color next to their name. Revisionist History is Malcolm Gladwell's journey through the overlooked and the misunderstood.

Every episode re-examines something from the past—an event, a person, an idea, even a song—and asks whether we got it right the first time. From Panoply Media.

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Word Origin and History for revision n. s, "act of revising," from French révision, from Late Latin revisionem (nominative revisio) "a seeing again," noun of action from past participle stem of Latin revidere (see revise).

History revision
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